Renasense, World class Renal Care and Dialysis centre, has launched its branch in Kenya

By November 13, 2019Latest News

Renasense Chairman DasguptaRenasense aims to provide the finest in renal care and dialysis to all patients who need such services, both residents and visitors of Kenya. The Clinic in Kenya is a health care center aimed to provide Kenyan’s and foreigners with renal care and haemodialysis treatments.

Operating locally under the name Renasense (Kenya), Renasense is a subsidiary of ARC Healthcare and provides innovative, patient-centered renal care by using its state of the art facilities which prioritizes patient safety and comfort while keeping costs to a minimum.

The centre boasts a team of doctors, labeled as the Renasense team, with extensive medical experience in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, India, the United Arab Emirates, and Africa. And it is aiming at becoming the foremost global name in renal healthcare.

“Our best practices and quality management protocols allow us to deliver consistent, high-class services. Our future-forward framework is ready to meet the seamless integration of new, industry-standard methods,” according to Renasense.



“When I came here for the first time I realized that this is a country which receives high attention from world tourism. I finally discovered it’s an excellent country for tourism development, and there is a community in the world that unfortunately has to go through dialysis when they are outside their home country. This whole opportunity is designed primarily to the entire community which requires dialysis every third day.  They will be able to come into Kenya, enjoy the country and do not worry at all with respect to their health,” said Mr Dasgupta.


As for Banerjee who has worked here before under another Indian medical team, he said he has delivered a lot but could not deliver enough. Therefore he wishes to accomplish that with Renasense.

“We’ve got the best machines in the world,” he said.

“We are going to deliver the same service we offer to a head of state,” said American Haragsim. He is a member of the American Society of Nephrology, the American Medical Association and a Fellow of the American College of Physicians. Dr Haragsim serves on several university committees. He serves as a medical director in multiple dialysis units within the State of Oklahoma.

With state of art equipment from Fresenius, Renasense has installed the AquaBPlus product group that provides superior water quality for our patients

Fresanius AquaBplus B2 water treatment system with double filtration for ultra pure RO water and Fresanius CDS 3 for centralized Acid distribution for pure and contamination free acid, supply for hemodialysis which is first in East Africa.

Renasense renal care also said it will work with local healthcare organizations to provide free healthcare screenings and education on how to prevent and manage kidney disease.

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