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We understand your need to travel – whether on business or for leisure. We also understand that having Dialysis sessions 2-3 times a week should not compromise your need to travel abroad for work or even to enjoy a holiday. Which is why, at Renasense, our “Holiday Dialysis” options give you the freedom to travel and continue your sessions at our Dialysis and Renal Care Centers.
So whether you’re looking to enjoy the sunny beaches of Kenya or are on an important business trip to Abu Dhabi, UAE, you can continue to enjoy an active life even as your sessions continue. The advantage you get with Renasense is that all our Renal Care Centers are of the same comparable standards of high-quality patient care. Which means, you will continue to have the state-of-the-art infrastructure, the advice of the best medical professionals and the care of the best nursing personnel in our Holiday Dialysis centers – just as you’re used to at home.
So discover our Holiday Dialysis options which are increasing to many new destinations even as you read this.
And get ready to pack your bags, not your worries.


Explore Holiday Dialysis in Kenya.

Abu Dhabi

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