6 ways to improve the quality of your life.


Renal Healthcare isn’t just about having regular sessions with your healthcare provider. It is also about simple every day health tips that will help you immensely. At Renasense, we recognise that we cannot change the circumstances for you – but we can go the extra mile to try and provide our patients with caring support and compassionate care. All this to help improve the quality of your every day life.

To assist you in leading a wholesome life, we partner with our patients. We focus on understanding what works for them. Each of us has a crucial part to play – our Doctors, Nurses, Technologists, Chefs, Support Staff and Patient Families – are open with each other. We work sincerely with each other, such that you are benefitted the most. So, here are 6 simple ways in which the quality of your life can be improved manifold:


  1. Regular Exercise 

Walk. Walk. Walk. Yes, just go out and walk. 30 minutes a day of moderate intensity walking will help you stay active. And if you add walking to a healthy diet on dialysis with less alcohol and no smoking, you’ll feel the benefits soon enough.


  1. Stress Reduction

Stress can add an element of unnecessary irritation for people with renal problems. This can also happen with sleep disorders, which are fairly common. In fact, poor sleep quality (PSQI >5) is present in around 65% of all patients. Most of whom also experience anxiety and depression. The best way to beat stress is to ensure regular sleep of minimum 8 hours a day. And of course, breathing exercises that will help you to relax.


  1. Sodium Intake Reduction

Less Salt. More Wellness. That’s the simple mantra. Indeed, the higher your salt intake, the higher your risk of heart disease or CKD. The best part is that the reduction of salt from your diet can be easily done. Just avoid the following: canned food, pickles, processes and pre-packed junk food, chips, crisps, biscuits and salt crackers.


  1. Healthy Eating

Make eating health a daily habit. Once you start eating right, you start living right. Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Limit foods that are high in sugar and salt. Reduce read meat from your diet – enjoy it only a few times in a month, in limited amounts. More importantly, don’t skip any meals. Instead control your portions, exercise in moderation and plan all your meals and your eating patterns. Of course, make sure you enjoy the taste of your food. Chew well, and savour every bite slowly.


  1. High BP Reduction

Age and sedentary living increase blood pressure. And high blood pressure can increase your risks for heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and blindness. The best way against high BP is to have an active lifestyle. Maintain a healthy resting blood pressure (less than 120/80 for adults). This is the essence for good heart health. Another way to fight high BP is to eat foods that are high in dietary fiber, calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.


  1. Awareness is Happiness 

March 8th is World Kidney Day. It’s a special occasion which helps raise awareness about kidney health. But it’s more important to be aware of kidney health every day. Kidney care awareness highlights the importance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. So get your blood pressure tested regularly, eat wholesome food, understand your risk factors, detect any issues early and always speak to your doctors to learn more.

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