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Welcome to ARC Healthcare and Renasense – The Best Dialysis Center for Kidney Dialysis & Transplant in Nairobi, Kenya.

ARC Healthcare is a premier healthcare (Renal Care) company with a global footprint. Our brand, Renasense, is a name that reflects our goals – of providing Complete Renal Care; which is innovative and patient-centred.

Our Vision and Mission is to support patients and their families with the highest quality healthcare through our fully-equipped private clinics, making all our relationships an exceptional experience.

Renasense is a company that is based on four strong fundamentals: Innovation, Empathy, Quality and Trust. These are the four pillars that provide strength to all the patients whose lives we seek to better.










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What We Do

How Renasense brings about a Renaissance.

The Renasense Team has extensive medical experience across the globe – from the United Kingdom to the United States of America; from India to the UAE to Africa. Our ambitions are solid – to become the foremost name in Renal Healthcare by providing world-class renal care and treatment to patients.

Every renal care centre features state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure that prioritises patient safety and comfort. We offer seamless systems that help keep the costs of renal care and dialysis to a minimum. Our best practices and quality management protocols allow us to deliver consistent, high-class services. Our future-forward healthcare framework is ready to meet the seamless integration of new, industry-standard methods in the field of Renal Care. This enables our private clinics to address the needs of our patients on a personal level.


Years of

Combined Experience

It takes a lot to be one of the most trusted Renal Care Brand on the market. Read more below why our customers keep coming back over and over again.

How We Do It

Four strong fundamentals. One solid Mission.

At Renasense, we understand the value of preventative medicine. Which is why, we work with local healthcare organisations in Kenya and other locations to provide free healthcare screenings. And also educate the local populace on how to prevent and manage renal problems and kidney disease.
Renasense's simple and powerful Mission is to provide
"Renal Care and Dialysis with common sense".
All in all, Renasense is a company that is based on four strong fundamentals: Innovation, Empathy, Quality and Trust. These are the four pillars that provide strength to all the patients whose lives we seek to better – the same principles that make us the best renal care centre in Kenya and abroad.


At Renasense, Innovation is in-built in all what we do. We constantly strive to find ways to improve. We continuously challenge existing practices. For us, there is no status quo in Renal Care – we have to always be ahead of the curve. This forward-thinking approach enables us to provide consistently improving solutions to our patients’ renal problems.



At Renasense, there is a very simple and effective way in which we advise our patients…we listen. Yes, we put our patients first with Empathy. We believe you entrust us with your wellbeing. As such, our specialists and private clinics are always geared to understand and meet your every need.



At Renasense, Quality is not just an essential value; it is our very essence itself. We truly believe that our quality stems from the sterling experience we provide – from our certified Nephrologists, Nurses and Technologists to the best-in-class Healthcare. Quality is also the reason we have introduced the Holiday Dialysis package in Kenya – a chance to unwind and avail quality healthcare.



At Renansense, our Leadership Team embodies years of experience. And our Advisory Committee is imbued with years of expertise. This is why our foundation is built with the bricks of solid legacy. And this translates into trust that you can confidently rely on.

Renasense Holiday Dialysis



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